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Godfrey Spencer

Communication is at the centre of all human relationships, be they personal or professional. We communicate in all we do, giving and receiving information, opinions, requests or invitations. Without communication, nothing can be achieved – but how we communicate is key.

Intelligent, considered connection with others has a significant impact on the success or failure of that communication – and the corresponding success or failure of the businesses and personal relationships which revolve around it.

American clinical psychologist Marshall Rosenberg began to develop a method of conflict resolution in the 1960s based on, amongst others, the non-violence advocated by Mahatma Gandhi. By the 1990s this had become Nonviolent Communication℠ (NVC℠), a much respected form of conscious and compassionate communication aimed at resolving conflict peacefully. Since then, in cooperation with trainers, practitioners and educators from around the world, NVC℠ has developed to embrace broader life applications including business enhancement, personal growth, therapy, and social change, while the principles behind NVC℠ have evolved into a range of life and career-improvement techniques linked to Mindfulness, Focusing and particularly Needs-Based Communication.

Positive communication is a core skill which can be taught, learned and employed in everyday personal interactions and working practices, harnessing all that is good, effective and desirable within Personal and Professional relationships, and building upon them to produce the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.

Trained by Marshall Rosenberg, Godfrey Spencer is a leading European practitioner in the skills of positive communication, via Needs-Based Communication, NVC℠ conflict resolution, and Mediation. Godfrey is an expert in Training, Coaching and Personal Development in both the professional and personal fields, and a gifted and engaging Conference speaker.

What our Customers Think  

[after Mediation] F. gave me positive feedback about the Commission meeting we had yesterday. She also went out of her way to explain that the criticisms of the past were mostly a m...

F. gave me positive feedback about the commission meeting

Yes, Godfrey, you get full marks in my book of appreciation with an extra star for your acting skills. You can't imagine what joy this gift has brought me. What can I say but 'merci...

Yes, Godfrey, you get full marks in my book

My warmest thanks to you for the holding, the listening, the respect and presence you gave us and which have paved the way for the great developments [in our relationship]

My warmest thanks to you

Personnellement, chaque moment, chaque seconde m'apporte un élément, un outil, une découverte, une connaissance, un partage, un savoir, de l'amour, me faisant faire un pas puis u...

Personnellement, chaque moment

After working with Godfrey, people often refer to the effectiveness of conscious communication in their private and professional lives.

After working with Godfrey

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