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[after Mediation] F. gave me positive feedback about the Commission meeting we had yesterday. She also went out of her way to explain that the criticisms of the past were mostly a matter of form (i.e. the way I express myself) and not the content. That is encouraging for me because I can see how to work on the form... My heartfelt thanks for the framework, the listening, the respect and the presence that you have offered us and that have ushered in the happy developments I have related above.

F. gave me positive feedback about the commission meeting

Yes, Godfrey, you get full marks in my book of appreciation with an extra star for your acting skills. You can't imagine what joy this gift has brought me. What can I say but 'merci beaucoup'? Bless your kind heart, my friend.

Yes, Godfrey, you get full marks in my book

My warmest thanks to you for the holding, the listening, the respect and presence you gave us and which have paved the way for the great developments [in our relationship]

My warmest thanks to you

Personnellement, chaque moment, chaque seconde m'apporte un élément, un outil, une découverte, une connaissance, un partage, un savoir, de l'amour, me faisant faire un pas puis un autre vers moi, vers l'autre... et chemin faisant, découvrir des belles étincelles... A moi de les rassembler et d'en faire un grand feu d'artifice.

Personnellement, chaque moment

After working with Godfrey, people often refer to the effectiveness of conscious communication in their private and professional lives.

After working with Godfrey

J'ai tellement été surpris, profondément touché de ton humilité, ton authenticité, ton humanité et ta congruence, que si certains concepts de la NVC m'etaient connus (intellectuellement), c'est bien cette qualité d'être chez toi qui m'a permis de les apprivoiser, de faire des trous dans ma carapace pour intégrer ces concepts.

J'ai tellement été surpris

The interview that you helped me to prepare (and how thoroughly!) took place... [and] I have received confirmation of my success, having been classified as “highly suitable”... For everything that you contributed to me, I wish to express my deep gratitude.

The interview that you helped

Je te remercie surtout pour tout ce que tu m'as apporté durant ce séminaire. Oui, la CNV me rend la vie plus belle, car à chaque jour qui passe, elle m'a transformé, éclairé, inspiré, enthousiasmé !

Je te remercie surtout pour tout

I'm so grateful for your attention and support yesterday on the World Empathy Day phone call. You are clearly a very special sort of teacher.

I'm so grateful

I have very much enjoyed your answers on the 'Ask a Trainer' on the NVC Academy.

I have very much enjoyed your answers

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