In the office or at home, Needs-Based Communication Coaching offers the opportunity to release and enhance the unrevealed talents locked within each human being.

Through Coaching, inspired and inspiring leaders are identified, motivated team players encouraged and cohesive and effective groups created. Coaching is used to support and guide individuals or groups through workplace conflict management, communication training and team building. The core NVC℠ principles of Observation, identifying Feelings, establishing Needs and agreeing Requests are employed to encourage a clear understanding of what motivates each person or member of a team, how they relate to others, their colleagues' feelings and aspirations, and the ways in which all can be acknowledged, communicated and embraced to form a cohesive, forward-moving whole.

The coaching offered by The Positive Communication Business is always person-centred, providing a safe space in which to explore our desires and capabilities. Unfulfilled goals, untapped skills or specific areas requiring development are all targeted within a supportive, nurturing environment. Individuals are empowered to become the authors of their own destiny at their own pace, remaining true to themselves and their personal integrity.

Complementing techniques such as NLP (neurolinguistic programming), transactional analysis, Gestalt, systemics and the highest spiritual principles and practices, Needs-Based Communication Coaching is a cognitive tool which assists clients in making the most of their opportunities, their relationships and their lives.

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