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It is a fundamental irony that, with the explosion in electronic communications and information exchange, so many people feel isolated, uncertain or undervalued.

Yet much can be done to improve unhappy situations through the use of considerate, compassionate communication focussed on individual needs.

Between couples, within families or among friends, Needs-Based Communication is able to assist in overcoming the pitfalls inherent in all human interaction. By encouraging thinking before speaking and the avoidance of inflammatory words or phrases, by dispensing with assumptions or judgements and taking the time to recognise and consider the other person's point of view, or by apologising with sincerity for past mistakes, Needs-Based Communication can elicit forgiveness, reconciliation, a far deeper level of mutual understanding, and inner peace.

The resulting enrichment in relationships is a revelation!

For those struggling with feelings of guilt, anger, pain or depression, or those endeavouring to overcome habitual patterns of negative behaviour, being guided through the four stages of Marshall Rosenberg's NVC℠ model – Observation, Feelings, Needs, Requests – in safe, compassionate surroundings, is life-changing. Through awareness and self-connection, triggers for reactive patterns of thought and response are identified and defused. Candidates are able to rediscover their innate values, encouraging the self-empathy and self-worth necessary to become once more true to themselves.

Godfrey Spencer's courses have been described as 'life-affirming', 'life-enhancing' and 'life-changing'. What is certain is your life will never be the same again!

Each family, couple or individual will have different requirements from following a course of NVC℠ or Needs-Based Communication. The Positive Communication Business tailors a wide variety of coaching, training and workshop options to suit specific personal requirements, including:


  • Re-establishing real, creative communication within the family
  • Speaking to children so they listen and listening to children so they speak
  • Educating children without punishment or reward
  • Educating children to be life contributors
  • Re-establishing real, creative communication within a couple
  • Building positive relationships between
     - child-parent/grandparent
     - husband-wife/partner
     - teacher-pupil
     - boss-employee


  • Changing our mindsets to begin living life fully
  • Understanding our bodies, especially during illness
  • Caring properly for ourselves to take better care of others
  • Rediscovering our spark, to ignite the spark in others
  • Transforming depression from surviving to living
  • Evolving from addiction and dependence to awareness and independence


  • Coping with grief
  • Daring to say 'no!'
  • Connecting the head and the heart (reason and emotion)
  • From self-connection to self-expression
  • Insights into behaviour patterns
  • Moving from destructive guilt to constructive responsibility
  • Breaking down self-limiting beliefs to allow ourselves to fly!

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